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Briana Marela - interview

She comes from Washington and from the look of her tour schedule, she's had a pretty hectic year. Tomorrow, Briana Marela opens for Father John Misty in Stockholm when he plays at Berns. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Gordon: How's the tour going? Looks like you've had an intense year. 

Briana: The tour has been going great! Really wonderful shows with very kind audiences! The year hasn't been intense necessarily, just busy and fun! 
Gordon: How did you like Iceland? Did you have time to experience the place or was it strictly a recording excursion? 
Briana: I loved Iceland, it's a really beautiful country from what I saw. I didn't go too far away from Reykjavik because of the recording schedule, the farthest I went south was Stokkseyri and also then the other direction Gullfoss. I'd love to go back and be more of a tourist and travel around and not be just working. 
Gordon: Do you feel like you are part of a scene? Washington has a history of spawning not just great bands but musical movements, do you feel like you are part of something there or are you more of a lone wolf? 
Briana: There is a strong community of musicians in the Pacific Northwest currently, a lot of really talented and creative people. I wouldn't call it a movement per se, like riot grrl or grunge, just lots of people doing different things yet still supporting each other. I do think there are a lot of strong female musical projects coming out of the Pacific Northwest right now in particular though! 
Gordon: Could you tell me about your collaboration with Denley? 
Briana: I had first met Denley (Matthew) 's sister Victoria and they were both fans of my music and would come to my shows. Victoria is a photographer and she said her brother was working on an album that was all collaborations. I had more time on my hands in 2014 and had already done a collaboration with Odesza and thought it might be fun to do another. The concept Denley had for his album was cool, to be based on the British era of kitchen sink realism, so I had fun writing lyrics based around that idea. 
Gordon: Any other musical meetings on the horizon? What would be your dream artist/producer to work with?
Briana: Nothing solid at the moment in terms of collaborations. Dream artist or producer is hard! There are lots of amazing people out there doing cool work. I've been a fan for a little while now of A.G. Cook of PC music fame, his production style is so innovative. I think also Panda Bear would be a fun artist collab. I feel like I am leaning towards wanting to work with someone with more knowledge of beat making than me so we could collab and I'd probably learn a bit more!
Gordon: Thank you, for the interview and for a list of favourite songs. I made the list into a spotify list, well worth checking out! Also, listen to the collaboration between Briana Marela and producer Denley right here and catch her show tomorrow in Stockholm!

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Jon Magnusson sa...

Hej. Jag är en hobbymusiker med en hemmastudio som skriver och producerar min egen musik. Musiken är allt ifrån punk till visor och lite till. Jag har precis släppt en EP med tre låtar i olika stil som ni gärna får kolla in.

1. Dina drömmar
En nyinspelning av en drygt 2 år gammal låt. Den punkigaste av låtarna på EPn

2. Ode to a friend
Den enda låten på engelska på EPn och den mest personliga som jag skrivit och spelat in. En hyllning till en nära vän som gick bort alldeles för tidigt.

3. Partisanen
Tredje låten är en cover på den gamla franska partisanvisan La Complainte du Partisan, mest känd i Leonard Cohens tappning "The Partisan"

Låtarna finns dels på min hemsida:

På Soundcloud:

Och Spotify:

Med vänlig hälsning

Jon Magnusson