torsdag 11 juni 2015

Brittsommar - interview

Brittsommar is an American artist who lived and recorded in Sweden and who decided to release his new stuff here.  I decided that it would be fun to q/a him and he graciously answered a few questions of mine. 

Gordon: First off, let me just say I enjoyed your new songs immensley, great stuff! Are you one of those artists who always feel your new material is your best? Or one who would rather forget a song and look to the next, as yet unwritten?
Brittsommar: Its both I suppose.  Songs are something that die in time, but they're supposed to.  You move on, but you will always stop by the grave to leave a flower or two every now and then. 

Gordon: Would you tell me a bit about the synagogue where you recorded? Is there a story to the place?

BrittsommarIn my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin in 2011 there is an old synagogue on the lake.  Its not really used. I was in the works of recording Brittsommar´s first album "Day Of Living Velvet".  The engineer and I threw ideas back and forth about options for recording and the synagogue was obviously the best option.  Beautiful organic sound and environment.   We went in around 4:00 in the morning and recorded for 12 hours straight.  You can even hear the birds as the morning comes in the song "Forbidden Fruit".

Gordon: Do you consider yourself a storyteller when you make music?

Brittsommar: Yeah, everyone is a storyteller.  All songs are stories. Except, stories have a beginning and an end.  My songs don't really have that- rather, they start in the middle.  Like walking in late to the theatre or a dream.  Up to you how you take part and see where it heads.

Gordon: How much have you been influenced by your time in Sweden? Your style is rather americana.
Brittsommar: Not sure Sweden has influenced much as a country, but rather the people that entered my life when I was there.  It started on the country side and has traveled far since then.  
This last album was very much inspired through travels over the ocean and back.  The countryside, the cities, old homes, and deserts...especially the deserts.
Gordon: It looks like you have a few things booked for Sweden, are you also doing things back in the US or anywhere else? I guess I'm asking, what are your plans?
Brittsommar: Yeah, a little bit of a release show at Catina Real in Stockholm.  I´ll head back to the states in the fall.  Perhaps a new recording is already on the table.  All in the works;)

Thank you for the chat! Here is a song by Brittommar, there are more songs available at Spotify and elsewhere, be sure to check them out.

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