fredag 24 oktober 2014

Woman's Hour - interview

Another London based band is gracing Stockholm with their precense towards the end of october. And there are more than geographic similarities between the two groups. Just the other day I heard from famous siblings Romeo and Michele Stodart of The Magic Numbers and now I've finished up a little chat with the great Woman's Hour who visit Stockholm and Söder, playing Lilla Hotellbaren on the 29th. Fiona Burgess started the band with her brother William and their two friends, Nick and Josh.
Gordon: How is the tour coming along? Right now you're still in the UK but you are soon heading out into Europe. Have you toured there before? Do you have a fanbase in Europe yet?
Woman's Hour: We've just arrived in Europe and we're pleased to report that the currywurst is damn fine. We've played in Hamburg and Berlin so far and they've been great shows. It's our first headline tour in Europe so we've been pleasantly surprised.
Gordon: How is the sister video coming along? Could you tell me a little bit about it and when it'll be out?
WH: We filmed it last week in London, so it will be online soon. It's a video to accompany our next single, and involves lots of sisters... That's all I can say.
Gordon: I read that you used imagery from self-help books when you created a cover for your Conversation single. Do you go about other things in the same manner, drawing ideas and style and content out of their intended context to make something new?
WH: Yes, absolutely. I don't believe that anything can be entirely original anymore, everything is regurgitated and re-cycled and re-used and it's empowering to recognise that and actually directly reference and borrow from readymade material that already exists in the world. We have also been working closely with artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin on all our releases and their preoccupation with found photography has been a big influence.
Gordon: Your breakthrough seems to have been quite rapid, how did it happen? Did you do a lot of live shows or did you find your way through social media?
WH: A bit of both, and a lot of hard work. We're all guilty of being perfectionists, so we would rehearse at least three nights a week if we weren't touring or in the studio. We do use social media too, but it's a complicated relationship. I feel that on the one hand being online enables us to disseminate our work to a wider audience and to connect with more fans; on the other hand it shouldn't replace liveness and our live shows, that's a very unique experience that can't be entirely translated onto film or photographs.
Gordon: Let's finish with a classic question for bands on tour, what do you listen to while you travel?
WH: We haven't been listening to much actually, we've been busy watching the Twin Peaks boxset. We're on Series 2, Episode 11...

Ok, Damn fin currywurst is something I have yet to encounter, it's usually more like a barely edible novelty. If one visits Berlin, the döner is where you should spend your euros. But I can't fault Woman's Hour on their choice in tour DVD:s. Damn fine coffee and pie. Check out the band live on the 29th or whenever through your choice in streaming service!

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