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Carlie de Boer - interview

She isn't originally from New York, artist and producer Carlie de Boer. In fact, she has lived in many parts of the US, from Minnesota to L.A. and now Brooklyn. And her background is versatile in more ways than geographically as she has worked different creative jobs and is a clasically-trained vocalist and pianist. Now she's releasing a single and being compared to Grimes can hardly be bad for the hype. Here's a little chat about some random things that came to mind as I was listening to Private parts, which you can do as well if you scroll down.

Gordon: Please tell me about producing, do you work with other artists as well or do you just produce your own stuff?
CarlieI produce and write by myself and with others. “Private Parts” was definitely a group effort, but it started with me writing the line “show you mine, show me yours.”
Gordon: Your bio says you did acoustic sets on the Sunset Strip, was it like busking or more like concerts? Is there a difference and what do you think of the street as a stage?
CarlieIn LA there’s a bunch of venues on Sunset Blvd. like The Viper Room and House of Blues called “the strip”. I played almost all of them. I’ve actually never played on the street, and don’t want to. I’d probably work the corner before I’d play on a corner.
Gordon: I've never been to Brooklyn but a friend of mine is going there to write music in a couple of weeks. What should I tell her not to miss?
CarlieManhattan! Just kidding. Prospect Park is what Central Park was supposed to be, and I’m lucky I get to live right next to it. Also, any of the venues like Output or Brooklyn Bowl are by far the best in the city.
Gordon: What does classically trained mean? Did you go to school for a long time and did you have other goals back then?
CarlieI asked for voice and piano lessons when I was 7, and was only allowed to sing hymns and classical arias. I even went to band camp every summer. I wanted to be the next Tori Amos, and still do.
Gordon: Love your single Private Parts. If you were deejaying and playing it in a club, what would you put on before and after it?
CarlieTodd Terje “Inspector Norse” before, then Penguin Prison’s cover of “All Night Long” after.

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