fredag 8 augusti 2014

Paper Days - interview

Ch-ch-changes. Things are happening. These are the end times, or possibly the beginning of some other, as yet rather unknown times. Paper days are almost over and being replaced by something else. Or so a group of californians would have us believe. At least they do. I belive these are the times for excellent indie rock. Paper Days is the name of a band that sent me a great song earlier this week and I had to get back to them with a couple of questions. Read the interview and listen to their Playground dreams belowe (quite reminds me of Atlas Sound and the marvellous Born Ruffians). I tried to elicit aome glum and dystopian answers but to my surprise and delight, Paper Days a quite the happy gang!

Gordon: Tell me about Paper Days, who are you and where are you going?
Paper Days: We are a band of likeminded friends that became family through our obsessive passion and dedication to making our music. The biggest reason we play music is to inspire & reciprocate the overwhelming love that music makes us feel to others.
Gordon: This week, for some reason, I got curious about rehearsal spaces. What does yours look like? What are its best and worst features?
Paper Days: We really have a pretty great rehearsal space. We nailed old carpet we found to all the walls except the windows as makeshift soundproofing and then hung massive paintings/artwork on the walls by my dad & Jordan. There's even a little balcony we can walk out on for fresh air because it's on the second floor. The carpet makes it realllly hot in there and the clutter can be hard to manage but the room has become a part of us!
Gordon: Are you pessimistic about these present times? Will we miss paper? Or just swipe on, oblivious?
Paper Days: Actually to the contrary, we're optimistic about these present times!   We are living in the tail end of the Paper Days into a digital age which has sparked a new generation of music that wasn't previously possible. The internet has allowed us to grow up listening to music from all different branches, genres and time periods all at once and selectively pull influences from a vast pool of music. We are nostalgic about the past but optimistic about what the future of music has to offer.
Gordon: Is there anything missing from the lives of Southern Californian indie rock bands? Are you loved and acknowledged by your society or shunned and scorned?
Paper Days: Honestly, we feel beyond fortunate to live where we do. We do not have all of the seasons necessarily but we're in love with the laid back lifestyle of Southern California. It's hard to complain about sunny days, surfing and music haha. Society out here has accepted us with open arms. We always tried to carry ourselves with a good energy and it is much more often than not returned.
Gordon: Please, would you tell me your favourite indie tunes, coming out of California in the past year?
Paper Days: Our favorite tunes out of California in this past year!:
Eyelid Kid- Time Travel
Requiem For The Rockets- So Much
Spiral Sons- Bethlehem (also the song) Halley's Satellite
Lobster Party- Party of one
Idyll Wild- Bones 
Scruffles- Punky Brewster
The Shingles- I'm A Rolling Stone

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