tisdag 29 juli 2014

Work Drugs - an interview with actual, prepared questions

About a year ago I ran into a bunch of really cool people at a Swedish festival. We were all heading back to a rain soaked Stockholm and since those guys turned out to be Work Drugs, the Philadelphia band that has released more music than anyone with a day job should be able to, I tried to interview them. Without a recording device or any preparation, but with a few beers in me, it wasn't an epic piece of journalism. But Ben and Tom and their friend Dan gave me a good chat and I always felt I should return with a few decent questions for the band. And with Work Drugs constantly releasing new material, there is always reason for that follow up interview. New single sounds sweet, check it out below, but first, a few words from the hardest working, or most efficient band around:

GordonTell me about the new album, it feels like the single has sort of a mainstream-feel to it. Are you moving in any direction with the new songs or staying the course?
WD: I think the new song Double Life might have a little more of an upbeat feel, but in reality the album is somewhat varied. There are songs on the album for people who liked the early stuff like Rad Racer or Flying Zambo and there are songs for people who like the newer stuff like Heaven or Farewell or Half Love. We set out to show the range of the band with this album.
Gordon: You have a remarkable internet following. Due to your music being great, of course, your frequent posting is also quite important. But is there something more that makes people love you? Is there a plan behind your DIY-promotion?
WD: No plan per se. We just like to stay in touch with the fans. It's always fun interacting and getting their opinion, whether it's good or bad at times. It's also fun to see how many countries around the world are into Work Drugs. I'm always surprised when we get an email from someone begging us to play in Kazakhstan or Chile.
Gordon: Summer is really kicking in here in Sweden. Your music is easy to associate with hot days and cool drinks but how is it possible to stay productive like you do with sweaty arm pits and rosy cheeks? Not to mention a midday buzz from a few cold ones.
WD: Songwriting is like exercising. If you keep active and work at it a little everyday it starts to become part of your routine. Somedays it's writing, somedays it's mixing, somedays it's just sailing about. Either way, the key is to stay busy and stay on top of it.
Gordon: You do quite a lot of touring in the states but have you played abroad since I met you in Stockholm last summer?
WD: We have not played abroad since Sweden unfortunately! It's always a big expense to play anywhere, especially overseas. We are hoping to get on a few festivals next year though. We would love to come back to Sweden especially. Everyone was so nice and everything was so efficient.
Gordon: You often ask your fans about their favourite Work Drug songs, so lets turn the tables. What are your respective favourite WD-song to go with dinner, with dancing, with sex, with traveling?
WD: Hmmm that's a tough one. I would say my personal favorite for all of the above would be West Coast Slide. Third Wave, Optic Trends, and The Good in Goodbye are also up there.

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