tisdag 29 juli 2014

Shawondasee - interview

Every once in a while, I have a chat with a band from somewhere not Sweden. When I do, I usually don't translate the interview, partly because I'm lazy, partly because there might be lots of people interested in the band who aren't Swedes. This week brought me two great interviews.

First one is with a recently formed band from France. Shawondasee makes electro/indie-pop that goes great with a summer heat wave and late night visits to bars. The duo consists of Jim and POG and a whole lot of talent.
Gordon: Tell me about the band, how long have you been making music? How many are you and how did you meet?
Jim: We're Shawondasee, an indie­pop duo from Paris. There's POG, 25, and me, Jim, 24. We met two years ago. I was looking for a studio to record a few songs and a mutual friend introduced me to POG, who had just built his own studio. Then we started making music together and, little by little, we developed a sound we like to describe as a mix between the noiselectricity of our everyday life in the city and the blissful calm of wide open spaces we both crave.
POG: Our name refers to Native American Indian legends about the Four Winds, the Indian Summer and the Meadow Dandelion (Shawondasee and the Golden Girl). It is also the name of the chalet in Switzerland where we compose our songs.
Gordon: I don't really know anything about French music press and pop climate, could you tell what people talk about? Sweden is talking a lot about gender equality on festival stages these says, for instance. What are the topics of the day in Paris?
POG: The main topic is the reform of the status of entertainment workers. Many artists lend their support to these workers without whom festivals simply couldn't exist.
Gordon: Is Shawondasee going on tour? Have you found your live format yet?
Jim: We're currently recording our first EP but also have many other things going on (soundtracks, commercial...). So, right now, we're focusing on studio work.
Gordon: Was the indie­pop/electro ­thing a given or did that happen by accident? Do you listen to other stuff?
POG: We come from different worlds, musically speaking. Jim's sorta indie/rock, I'm more into electro/house and hip­hop. Still, when we jam, we don't tell ourselves “Oh, this is our electro­pop song!” or “Let's be more indie today!”. Everything comes naturally.
Gordon: What are the best five indie pop tunes out of France the past year?
POG: Zero by Chela; You, Me, Cellphones by Husbands; Zombie by Moongai.
Jim: Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens; Sur la Planche 2013 by La Femme.

Thank you so much, Shawondasee. I'll be looking forward to your EP and many visits to that Swiss chalet, if you'll have me. Now i gotta add some French indie pop tracks to my spotify list. Oh, and don't forget this gem:

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