onsdag 2 oktober 2013

Scavenger Hunt - interview

Häromdagen skrev jag om LA-bandet Scavenger Hunt, som nyligen släppte en debutsingel och just följde upp med att släppa en cover på Kings of Leons California waiting. Idag är det dags för en liten intervju med bandet som för bara några veckor sen stod på scen tillsammans för första gången. Intervjun är på engelska som vanligt när jag pratar med utländska band.

Gordon: How was your debut show? I guess you're seasoned musicians but there is always a special kind of tension the first time a band goes on stage together, right?

Jill: Totally!  We were so excited and anxious for the first show because we had never been on stage with each other before, but the second we started playing, all the tension released and we had a blast.  It felt amazing! 

Gordon:  On http://www.scavengerhuntmusic.com/ you have a nice shot of an LA silhouette (Venice?), how important is California, as iconic imagery, culture or just everyday surrounding, to your music?

Dan:  Jill and I are both transplants to California. This is a place where we both came to pursue our dreams and its also where we met.  I think our music reflects the way we feel about California's beauty and style. Our studio is in Venice right near the beach and I think that environment is really apparent in our music.

Gordon: So I guess your respective moves to California were inspired by the hope for a musical carreer?

Jill:  Absolutely.

Gordon: You seem to have a bit of an Internet buzz going, did you work hard for it or is it just the quality of your stuff that does it? 

Dan:  The first time we sat down to write music together, we wrote "Lost," our debut single.  A lot of hard work and time does go into our music, but we think our Internet buzz has happened organically because of bloggers and DJs being open to new and different music.

Gordon: Is there an album in the works? Or are you going for shorter releases?

Jill:  Yes!  An EP is in the works, but our focus right now is releasing singles and building our following.

And for a finish, I asked Jill and Dan if they would give me a list of their favourite California songs. Besides their own, brand new version of California waiting, they picked a couple of classics and one or two songs I never heard before. Check it out on spotify (however, I couldn't find Jill Sobule's San Fransisco or an acceptable version of 2Pacs California love, so it's an incomplete list). Thank you, very much, Scavenger Hunt. Listen to their amazing first single in anticipation of that EP.

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