onsdag 19 augusti 2009


Att vi spelar olika saker när Gordon vänder plattor är lite av poängen med klubben och jag vet att Helena inte skulle välja samma låt som jag. Men om det bara fanns tid kvar till en sista låt, på vår allra sista Gordonspelning, så skulle Tullycraftlåten Twee vara mitt val. För den som inte känner till dem alls så kommer de från delstaten Washington i USA, har hållit på sen 1995 med något varierande sättning. De spelar en glad och rolig indiepop med begåvade texter med en viss slagsida åt det sarkastiska. Deras senaste fullängdare, nummer fem i ordningen, hette Every Scene Needs a Center och var såklart med på Gordons årsbästalista i vintras. Här svarar de på några frågor:

Gordon: What's your favourite Lucksmiths song (or top three if you can't make up your mind, I saw their farewell tour this summer and feel nostalgic and sad)?

Sean Tollefson: Gosh, there are so many wonderful Lucksmiths’ songs. Off the top of my head, I’d have to say that three of my very favorites are: Under The Rotunda, Sunlight In A Jar, and Guess How Much I Love You. Oh, I’ve always really loved the song Columns O’ Steam as well!

Chris Munford: I have to go with Smokers' in love, the chord progression is too terrific.

Jenny Mears: Chris is a liar. He doesn't even like the Lucksmiths! And he stole my favorite Lucksmiths song, so he's a jerk, too!

Sean: I know for a fact that Chris' favorite Lucksmiths' song is "T-shirt Weather" - he's always singing that and dancing around when he's not complaining about the song "Music To Hold Hands To." And I've seen Jenny do karaoke to both "Synchronised Sinking" and "Punchlines" so I know she loves those.

Corianton Hale: I like that line in "Wyoming" about the wooden fences. So poetic!

Sean: I almost picked "Wyoming"

Gordon: How much of an influence has college life and education been on your songwritiong? Do you like Tom Lehrer?

Sean: Well, I started my first band when I was in college, and that’s when I really started writing songs, so I guess it couldn’t help but be an influential experience. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with Tom Lehrer.

Chris: I don't think about college or Tom Lehrer too often, but education gives you higher steps to stand on for sure.

Corianton: I was college roommates with Tom Lehrer. I'm pretty sure that song about venereal disease was my idea.

Gordon: Has your relationship to your instruments changed over the years? Are instrument nerds common in the twee scene?

Sean: Honestly, after all these years I’m really not that much better on bass. I’m still a pretty horrible bass player, so I guess you could say my relationship hasn’t changed all that much. Chris is definitely the instrument nerd in the band. He owns an arsenal of guitars.

Chris: I am officially the gear nerd in the band. I can wax poetic for hours with other gear folks about which vintage amp has the best tremolo circuit or whatever. I've still got a load of vintage and more modern things. Tape machines and oddities. I'm a huge believer in classic Fender tube amps played pretty straight through. I am also a lover of many types of old hollow body guitars, especially Guilds. I used to have an arsenal of stomp boxes, but sold many of the best through eBay over the years to pay the bills. I've also greatly weeded down the keyboard collection, though I do miss my Farfisa at times. You gotta have the gear to make the sounds, computers ain't gonna cut it sound wise, you need a real Rhodes if you want to record a Rhodes sound.

Corianton: I just play what Chris hands me.

Jenny: I exclusively use a RhythmTech Half-Moon tambourine. In red.

Gordon: Have you ever included any light shows, fireworks or video projections in your live act? If not, what would you do on stage if you had a Metallica budget? (I'm a little bit in love with Japanese band Ex-girl who wear huge foam flowers and frog paraphernalia)

Sean: Does shouting insults at the other members of the band count as fireworks?

Chris: I do add the smoke machine ambiance at the practice space, I do it mostly to piss off Sean when the room gets totally smoke filled.

Jenny: Cori and I once did coordinated dance moves! And didn't someone used to wear some kind of plushie costume during shows?

Sean: I saw that band Beulah once at a small club, and they had their own lighting rig. Honestly, I thought it was a bit distracting and totally cheesy. I wasn’t a fan. On a gigantic scale, I saw My Chemical Romance once, and they made it snow over the entire audience during a song. I was impressed.

Corianton: I have a fantasy of staging the musical theater version of Dracula Screams of Tiger Style, with a Broadway budget. I'm talking cables, vanishing doors, moving platforms, and yes. PYROTYECHNICS!

Gordon: Do you have any "shame songs" (a song that you like but are ashamed to admit kinda makes you wanna dance)?

Sean: I’m not really embarrassed or ashamed by the music I listen to. Sure, I like indiepop, but I also like Rihanna, Lily Allen, and even Katy Perry. They all make me wanna dance!

Chris: Sean? you like Katy Perry!!! total NERD!

Corianton: Who's Katy Perry?

Jenny: Sean does like to shake his booty. And Chris likes to watch!

And that concludes the interview. Thank you so much Tullycraft. We look forward to the musical theater Dracula Screams of Tiger Style and the TV-movie of how Tom Lehrer got some indie VD back in the days. Until such times, there's always the greatness of Tullycraft music!

För den som vill ha mer så finns det smakprov på: Tullycrafts myspace. Sen vill jag också varmt rekommendera: Tullycrafts hemsida som har info om spelningar, en liten merchbutik och ett generöst utbud av musik- och popkulturhistoria i form av en mp3blogg där varje dag förgylls med en liten historia om en film, ett band, en låt eller en händelse, samt förstås lite pop. Väl värt att lägga till bland era favoriter.


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